Hi, my name is Michiel Staessen. Here are some more facts about me.

I’m a Software Engineer in heart and soul

I consider myself lucky to have been able to turn my hobby into a career. I really enjoy programming and solving problems using code. Even after work, I often continue working on projects of my own.

C# is my programming language of choice.

I started my journey into programming with HTML. Then came PHP. At the university everything became Java. Being completely brainwashed, I was convinced that Java was the best until I got to know C# at my first employer. A new world opened up to me and I never looked back since.

I currently work as a consultant at Capgemini Belgium

After my software engineering studies at KU Leuven, I started at Capgemini Belgium where I have worked on multiple interesting and challenging projects. I wasn’t really sure consulting was going to be something I like, but apparently I do. I also like the opportunity to change assignments from time to time.

Next to my role as a technical consultant, I also take up the role of Microsoft Community lead, assist in doing technical job interviews, assist with designing career paths, and give C# training to our young professionals.

I have pretty strong opinions about software design & practices

Software design determines the quality of software. I strive to deliver high quality software and make it my mission to get rid of awful code & practices. I actively try to convey this attitude to other, which is ultimately also what this blog is about.


Unless stated otherwise, all views and opinions expressed on this blog or my own.